Close-up magic

Close-up magic signifies the entertaining of a few people at a time, for example circulating from table to table.

The fine thing about close-up magic is that everybody in the audience can be personally incorporated into the show, and, that the spectators see all the wonders at close range. Video tricks or secret assistants cannot be blamed! This form of show does not place any restrictions on either the performing space or the sound system. The duration of the show is between 30 minutes and three hours, depending on the arrangement and the size of the audience.

It’s also possible to do close-up magic and illusion show or parlour show. Therefore guests will personally experience magic and will also see one magic show together.

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Magician Lauri Tuhkanen handling playing cards, seven of hearts in the deck
Photos: Riku Kankaro

Magician Lauri Tuhkanen

Turku, Finland

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