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Magician Lauri Tuhkanen


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15 Jun
A book about circus and copyright law

Circus and Copyright Law

I wrote thesis about circus and copyright law. Currently it’s only available in Finnish, but if you are interested in hearing more, please contact me. Abstract: Circus and Author’s Right Legislation In this thesis, I study circus artist’s right to a work in the means of copyright law and the right to have performer’s rights. This subject has been dealt poorly in Finnish forensic books and knowledge of the subject seems to be at quite a poor level in Finland. I will start the thesis by going shortly through the history of Circus and copyright law. My main objectives are acts, which are found in the first and the fifth chapter of the Finnish copyright law. That is, focusing more on a work and the protection of performers. My purpose is mainly to focus on connections between Circus and copyright. Circus artists have always created original artistic products, but still in Finland, they are too often mentioned as artists who supposedly do not have performer’s rights, because they do not perform works. So, I go through the historical reasons why the essence of circus artist’s creation as a work is not understood. The consequences of this are influencing quite strongly

31 May
Magician Lauri Tuhkanen handling playing cards, seven of hearts in the deck

Sorry I’ve been lazy

I haven’t updated this english version of my site for a while. You can find  more information and pictures about me if you read finnish version and use Google Translate. However, I will update these within few months.

31 Jan
Circus show picture

Sirkustarinoita show

Sirkustarinoita is a circus show for whole family and it includes magic tricks, circus and puppetry. Sirkustarinoita is directed by Lauri Tuhkanen, who is also one of the performers. On the stage you can also see Anna Nekrassova, Marina Myukhkyurya and Eikka Alatalo. Location: Turku Adventure Park, Finland Age Recommendation: 5+ Show Length: 45 minutes Price: 6€ Next shows: 17.7 15:00, 25.7 15:00, 3.8 17:00 and 7.8 15:00 Reserve tickets Pictures Facebook Event Photo: Foliohattu

7 Jul

Magician Lauri Tuhkanen

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