Beginning of the Year 2019

Beginning of the Year 2019

Beginning of the Year 2019 1500 729 Lauri Tuhkanen

The beginning of the year has quickly passed by. I spent my time mainly abroad. Now it’s time to take a break and think what to do for the rest of the year. My year started at the New Years Acro Convention (as usual), then I spent a month in Kiev training at the Kiev circus school and after that I attended to an acrobatics workshop in Vienna.

Kiev Circus School

Many circus artists consider the Kiev Circus School (Kiev Academy of Circus and Variety Arts) to be one of the best circus schools in the world, and for good reason, because many great circus artists have graduated from there. I spent one month at that school training partner acrobatics. In particular, I was impressed by students juggling and handstand skills. The school’s recipe for producing top circus artists is by no means “magic.” They have usually school six times a week and each day starts with 3 or 4 hour training session (own circus discipline). After that, other subjects, such as dance lessons, will come. In addition, the teachers are really good and there are many teachers even for same circus disciplines so that students get personal advice. However, many of the students in the school were technically really good even before they started studying there, so teachers don’t have to do miracles. But I’d like to know how that’s possible?

As a city, Kiev was very interesting and safe, even though Ukraine is a country at war. Since I was in Ukraine, I wanted to visit the abandoned city of Prypjat and Chernobyl. Here are a few pictures from there.

building in Prypjat

stadium in Prypjat

another building in Prypjat

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