Who is Lauri

Lauri is professional magician and circus artist who lives in Turku. He entertains people with magic, juggling and partner acrobatics.

Lauri Tuhkanen standing and balancing shoe on his forehead

Lauri has graduated from Turku Arts Academy 2016. He has also studied magic in Sweden at DOCH

Lauri’s story

Magician Lauri Tuhkanen found an interest in magic already as a little boy, after having seen the television shows of two famous Finnish magicians. Later, at the age of merely seven, Lauri found his first book on magic on a school trip to a local library. Subsequently, Lauri became interested in both juggling, partner acrobatics, the circus, and in the performing arts on a broader level. Now, at the age of 33, he has over fifteen years’ experience in performing both as a magician and in several circus productions. He has also taken part in a couple of theatre performances. The most important aspect for Lauri is, nevertheless, that the performance be magical; be it regarding the theatre, the circus or his magician’s performances.



Winner of Viihdeohjelmakilpailu (variety entertainment)

It’s organised every second year in Kouvola Finland. Winners from earlier years, to name few, are Miss Divet, Janne Mustonen and Magician Luttinen.


3rd place in the Nordic Championship of Card Magic


Finnish National Champion of Restaurant Magic

Organised once a year. Famous winners from earlier years are for example Magician Luttinen, Pete Poskiparta and Marcus Alexander


2nd place in the Finnish National Championship of Stage Magic

Organised every second year in Kouvola Finland

The Finnish National Championship for junior magicians and the Finnish National Championship are held in alternate years. When younger, Lauri Tuhkanen often competed and the merits received from these years are the following


3rd place in the Close-up Magic division for under 14 year olds


2nd place in the Close-up Magic division for under 18 year olds


3rd place in the Close-up Magic division for under 18 year olds


2nd place in the Stage Magic division for under 18 year olds


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