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Various show options for private parties and corporate events. If you can’t decide what would best suit your event, contact me and let’s see how we can make your event unforgettable.

Close-up Magic

Close-up magic signifies the entertaining of a few people at a time, for example circulating from table to table.

Stand-up Magic

Lauri’s entertaining, roughly 30 minute solo, in which magic, juggling and comedy are combined. One of the advantages of this show is that even though it can entertain up to over a hundred people, it does not place any greater restrictions on the performing space.

Lauri Tuhkanen performing stand-up magic
Magician Lauri doing partner acrobatics

Partner Acrobatics

Something else than magic? Partner acrobatics is great choice for spectacular event.

Illusion Show

An enchanting combination of acrobatics, illusion, juggling and magic. Challenging tricks combine with seemingly impossible events in a stylish show performed by either two or three performers depending on the nature of the occasion.

Nobody jr. thinking

Something else?

Maybe you need a magic consulting to your own project? Magician for a theatre play? Or maybe magician could help you stop people at your fair stand?






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